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Morgan's Journal
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Monday, February 10th, 2003
2:42 pm
This is my last entry on this site
I have loved live journal. I really have. And I feel grateful to LJ for getting me started on blogging, but I'm on to bigger and better things. Now you can go to morganwebb.com. Yes, it is still a work in progress because sometimes after work the last thing I want to do is sit in front of my computer, but if you're patient you'll see some great things there. You've had some great suggestions, and I'm definitely going to have picture galleries, a place for the fans to contribute, maybe even a Zoe cam! Keep watching for blog updates and expansions to the site.
Wednesday, January 29th, 2003
2:35 pm
Wanna know what happened yesterday?
read Megan's Blog, she wrote about all the monitor maddness there. Check it out at the link below!

Monday, January 27th, 2003
9:53 am
I need your advice
So I'm putting together my website, morganwebb.com, and I want to know what you want to see there. I'm definitely going to have my blog, but what else? Should I have message boards? What do you guys want to see?

Sorry, there will be no Morgan Cam. Morgan needs her privacy.
Friday, January 24th, 2003
4:09 pm
Super Bowl Sunday
Who is it...Raiders or Bucs? You all know what I think...

and let's play nice with your posts here
1:18 pm
Wanna chat now?
Beta test TechTV's new chat room, right now untill 3:30 pacific time (on 1/24). Go to http://www.techtv.com/chatnow/ and log on with your TechTV username and password. Go now and chat!
Friday, January 17th, 2003
2:19 pm
CES was so fun!
You should go if you ever get a chance. Microsoft must not be hurting for $$, their party featured a performance by Lenny Kravitz, and Sirius put on a show at the House of Blues featuring the Original Blues Brothers (Dan and Jim). That show was pretty much the pinnacle of my young life.

The electronics were good too.

Cat and I stayed at this beautiful suite at Mandalay Bay which smelled like flowers all the time (they must have pumped fake smell into the air to cover the traditional casino smell of cigarettes and desperation). That suite made the trip and we ordered room service whenever we could so we could hang out in our room.

I signed lots of autographs (which was weird, cause I didn't believe that people actually wanted my autograph) and I even signed someone's stomach (I hope that washed off...).

In other news I got glasses. I started getting headaches, so instead of jumping to the obvious conclusion of brain cancer, I went to the eye doctor. My vision was basically fine, he said, but I need glasses when I read because the eyestrain is causing headaches. An astigmatism or something like that. I just have to wear them a little bit but I think they make me look smarter. The funny thing is that I'm not used to wearing glasses and I think that when I'm wearing them no one can see me, like I have a shield in front of me. They also make me woozy.

How many people actually wear glasses? I feel like these days, everyone wears contact lenses and few of us be-speckled beasts remain.

Ok take care of yourselves! I'll tell you what's going on in San Diego as Cat and I cover the Super Bowl.
Friday, January 3rd, 2003
4:52 pm
World Domination
Please help me and megan take over the world! http://www.jumpingmonkeys.com/
9:20 am
Morgan and Cat take Vegas
Vegas baby, Vegas.

Yes Cat and I are heading east to CES January 8th through 12th. We're there to do some good old fashioned meet and greet, sign some autographs, host a live game show, and of course check out some of the gadgets and goodies we'll all be seeing next year.

Is anyone going to CES? If you are, please come by our booth in the lobby (you can't miss it) to say hi to Cat and I and participate in our game show for gift certificates to Circuit City. Let me know if you're going and what you're up to while you're there! More details to come.
Friday, December 13th, 2002
4:48 pm
What do you want for Christmas?
Gifts are a weird thing, you always have those secret things you really wish for, but don't really expect. For me this dream item is the entire first season of the
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Gifts are a weird thing, you always have those secret things you really wish for, but don't really expect. For me this dream item is the entire first season of the <a href+http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00006LPCK/qid=1039828058/sr=8-4/ref=sr_8_4/103-0779535-3388661?v=glance&s=dvd&n=507846">Highlander TV series</a> on DVD. I will not receive this gift(due to its ridiculousness as well as exorbitant price), though I will receive a nice assortment of gloves, scarves, hard drives, and other nice things given with love that will make me very happy. What is on the top of your own wish lists? And what is that one thing that you want but really don't expect to get? Don't be embarrassed, I admitted my dumb gift...I know you all have them...fess up!
Wednesday, December 4th, 2002
8:49 am
I saw The Two Towers last nigt
I got some advanced screening tickets from our EP, so me and Cat went off to see the second installment of our favorite movie. My review (in bullet points cause it is still a little early in the morning) follows. Don't worry, I don't give anything away.

-If you liked the first one you're going to LOVE the second one, because it's more of that same good stuff we all love, the action, the adventure, the orlando bloom...
-It is really long (3hours) so bring a seat cushion, and don't get a soda cause you're not going to want to get up in the middle. Just sit back and relax, get into it, and remember you're not getting out of there any time soon.
-Just like in the first, there were one or two moments with cheesy effects, but all in all it was a masterpiece.
-Don't see the second one until you've seen the first. Dragging your wife who didn't care to see the first movie counts as inhumane torture and she will have legal right to retaliate.
-Gollum is done entirely in cg, I was afraid of another jar jar episode but he is creepy and believably lifelike.
-The battle scene comic relief was provided by Gimli and was actually funny (unlike C3-P0's "I'm beside myself," and "what a drag").
-This movie is incredibly violent for extended stretches of time. For those who wanted to see more battle scenes you get the whole battle, from nightfall to sunup. This movie is rated PG-13 but it is extremely violent. violent violent violent. Dead people everywhere.
-When is the next movie coming out? I hope they show all the movies at once (with the extended version of all three movies, with an iv of food and water in my arm so i don't have to get up or move.) A girl can dream.
Sunday, December 1st, 2002
6:03 pm
Happy Turkey Day!
I had a very nice Thanksgiving with my family, though it tends not to be my favorite holiday, as I don't boast a particular penchant for turkey and I am allergic to cranberries. On the other hand the dessert selection is always fabulous. We had

steamed asparagus wrapped in boursin cheese and prosciutto.
chips and super bowl dip

man meal:
1 large tom turkey, very moist. I had a piece out of tradition but kept my plate pointed to the less carnivorous items.

1 bowl of steamed green beans with butter and almonds.

1 bowl of rice and almond pilaf, a little dry that evening but it made a spectacular reappearance the following day as fried rice.

1 bowl of very moist rice stuffing with raisins, apples, onions, and carrots. Yummy.

Mashed yams with bread crust. God this was good.

And the grand finale, dessert:

1 flan that was home made and seriously the best in the world.

1 apple crumble, the least sweet of all the desserts and offered a welcome palate cleanse between the consumption of the flan and the eclairs.

1 dish of eclair layer cake, which consisted of layers of graham crackers, home made flavored cream mixture that was surprisingly light for being so bad for you, and a nice topping of chocolate which I left on my plate because I like chocolate much less than I like turkey.

That was it, I am still full. What is the tradidtional dish of your thanksgiving? Ours is usually the rice stuffing with raisins and apples, but I am starting a petition to have those mashed yams next year too. Hopefully I'll be able to eat by then.
Monday, November 11th, 2002
10:16 am
My goodness, it has been forever
hasn't it? Please forgive my lassitude, our preparations for the holidays on TSS have been intensive and left us all quite breathless. Don't tell anyone I am taking this short moment to lj, while I could be hacking away at certain holiday-themed windows tips and Christmas wish-list segments. One needs a break, and as it is Monday morning, I may as well take a break before I really begin.

Though the topic is no longer current, I wanted to make an official statement on the hair. As you all know I am now a brunette, and the positive response was overwhelming. So far only two people actually liked the blonde better, and while I was rather fond of the platinum, it seems by popular consensus the brown stays.

Don’t I seem like such a saint? I make it seem like I am keeping the brown because the viewers like it better, sacrificing my personal style for the preference of the fans. The truth is that while I’m not in love with it (seems a little boring to me), it’s not awful and anyway I don’t think my hair could take another bleaching. I would go from brunette to bald in half an hour’s time. If people thought the blonde was too edgy I don’t know what they would think of patches of discolored hair growing randomly and intermittently from my head. Doesn’t sound too cute if you ask me, but then again there’s no accounting for taste and people are nothing if not strange creatures.

I have to give credit to my friend Robert, he did an awesome job on my hair I love him for it. Next I think I’ll have him do super dark brown for the winter.
Take care darlings, and I will try to be more attentive in the future.
Thursday, October 17th, 2002
4:29 pm
I was sick as a dog
Yes, I was a touch under the weather, for those who noticed my absence, and not to speak ill of my friend but I think I got it from Megan. I was exhausted, so sleepy. I was so sick I acutally took two days off work (I should have taken three days, but that wasn't about to happen). I played with Zoe a lot, watched a little bad TV and, well, slept 20 hours a day. I got lonely sitting there all alone in that big empty house with noone to talk to, so when my roommates came home I got really excited and followed them around, sniffling and coughing.

I think there is a cold going around. A lot of people around here have it. The beginning of fall maybe? Anyone else gotten it?

By the way, my birthday was fun, thanks for all the great birthday wishes. I had a great time on my birthday. The cops only came once, and we got the window fixed that sunday.

Just kidding :P hehe. I had a nice time with some friends, and an old friend even flew out from NYC to celebrate with us. It meant a lot to me.

So take care of yourselves and take some extra vitamin C! Till next time
Thursday, October 3rd, 2002
5:09 pm
Its my birthday
Yes, I am aware I am being redundant. You all already know its my birthday. But I am excited. My birthday is my favorite holiday of the year. I am a scrooge during the holiday season, I squander the summer days-off sleeping, and then what's left? Just work. For one glorious day a year the world is truly a great place.

Yes, it is an essential egoism I seem to hold that my birthday is indeed a holiday at all, but who doesn't seek some import in their lives? I plan to sleep in and hang out with my friends, relax and have a nice dinner. What more could a girl ask for?
Wednesday, September 25th, 2002
4:52 pm
Give the people what they want
You guys are silly. I guess you can say what you want about me. I hate censoring the blogs, and I will do it only in the case of grossly inappropriate commentary.

Well, I wanted to write more, but the show is almost over, so I will make the updates short.

1. My tarantula is good, she is spinning web like mad right now, the whole cage is covered. Don't know why, but it is cute.

2. Pixel the fish is good too, he even knows me now. Well, maybe not me personally, but he knows when a big blob looms over his vase its feeding time, so he rushes up to the surface.

3. I forget what else I was going to tell you.

4. Oh yeah, one of my house-mates moved out, so there is one less of us. Which is bad because I like a lot of life in my house. He was cool too, and as an added bonus, he was a huge geek. Ahhh the LAN parties. He will be dearly missed.

5. I guess that's it. Its my 24th birthday soon, on the 5th of October (Saturday, woohoo!), and it should be a blast. Having friends in from out of town and all that good stuff. What do you like to do on your birthday? I haven't decided what to do yet, so I need some inspiration.

6. Ok show's over ladies and gentlemen, so take care.
Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
5:00 pm
Thanks for the suggestions
I found some of my favorite books in there, including Foucault's Pendulum and Name of the Rose (not as fond of Island of the Day Before, but can't love everything). I love the Herculean intellectual efforts, something complicated, where you feel your brain is actually working. Shogun is great for that, Song of Solomon, Midnight's Children (Rushdie, GOTTA read it, very controversial), love Invisible Man too. LOTR is awesome(when is the game from ea coming out for the PC? It's on the PS2 soon but I don't have one of those, so I need the LOTR game for the PC NOW!!! Maybe I'll ask for it for my birthday if it's out. Ok I'm calm now but I am obsessed with LOTR. Anyone else obsessed? anyone? Funny story, I ordered the LOTR DVD from Wherehouse online, cause I had a gift certificate there from the holidays. What do they send me? THE CARTOON VERSION! Who wants the cartoon version these days? I'm sure it's good but that's obviously not what I wanted. Now I gotta send it back and I haven't seen the movie in several weeks. Boo. Ok end digression. Thank you for listening.)

Ok thinking about sneaking out a little early ;) hehe don't tell, sorry about the post being a little light on content, but I am trying to post more often, and we all know quantity has an inverse effect on quantity. You can't tell me it's not true, look at McDonald's. have a good evening, and tty'all later.
Thursday, September 5th, 2002
7:16 pm
I have a cookie
yummy yummy. It is chocolate chip. The cookie almost makes working late this evening worth it. It's 7:23 in the evening, and we are taping an extra show. We are all getting slap happy around here, what with the bad pizza, soda, cookies, late hours and marathon shows. Patrick is laughing hysterically in the background right now, and this cookie is starting to make me sick. I am dreaming of my house, a cup of tea, and a book. Read any good books lately? I am looking for something to read right now, my New Yorkers and Harpers don't come often enough to keep me satiated, and I need to get over my fear of commitment and read a big long book. It'll be good for me. Ideas?
Thursday, August 22nd, 2002
9:31 am
Hello my impatient darlings
Yes, I admit I have been a touch lax in my blogging. I am not always feeling creative and I would not want to disappoint with clumsy words and irrelevant sentences. In addition, as someone astutely pointed out, I get enough lascivious commentary in the chat room, in my email, and on the net. I don't need to see it here and there are more intelligent things to talk about.

But regardless of any of this I enjoy how blogging creates a community, and let's me communicate with viewers. Posting on the blog is the best way to be sure I get your messages and let's people in on my world, but I want a community I want to be part of.

Thanks for listening. Ok, updates on my life...Hmm. Ok, so as a lot of you know, I inherited a fish from Cat, and his name is Pixel. He is a beautiful beta, turquoise and red, that lives in a flower vase on my desk at work. I figure if I feed him a lot during the week he will be fine over the weekend. He seems happy because he is building a bubble nest on the side of the tank, just waiting for a nice girl fish to come along. Too bad for him I don't intend to get him a girlfriend. One fish in the office is cute, two fish is getting out of hand. Why not just bring a dog?

In other news the loveseat has been successfully integrated into my life, making my house much more cozy. It is an odd gray-green color that blends to an inoffensive tone that goes with everything. It is overstuffed and very comfy, and only suffered one small nick from it's perilous journey home.

And for all of you worried that my darling tarantula will suffer attention because of the new fishy interloper, worry not! I played her last night and she lives on my desk, so I let her out while I work.

So now that you know about my pets, let me know about yours. Do most of you have dogs and cats, or does anyone have something strange, like some sort of lizard or hissing cockroach?
Wednesday, July 31st, 2002
4:03 pm
I tied the couch to the top of my car.
I put the cushions in my trunk, opened all the windows, and strapped it to my roof. Getting it up there was a little bit of a problem, as the couch I had portrayed as "light as a feather" turned out to be a little heavier than I thought it would be. Then I drove very slowly home. The only major problem was that I couldn't open the doors, so my friend and I had to climb in the windows. There is no way to gracefully climb in the windows of a sedan. I'm just glad I wasn't wearing this kilt. This is one of the shortest kilts I have ever seen.

Ah yes, it is kilt day, I forgot to mention that. Today is not particularly noteworthy for Megan and I, as women wear skirts often enough that the phenomenon doesn't inspire juvenile humor. The men on the other hand are tittering away. It is really cute actually, I takes me back to my kindergarten days, when I learned that if you spin in a skirt someone will see your Strawberry Shortcake underwear. Leo is still discovering this. It is funny.

We are having taco night at my house tonight. Hooray!
Monday, July 29th, 2002
5:11 pm
I need an ergonomics expert
My right wrist and arm is always tingly and numb sometimes. Is that a bad sign? While we're complaining, my chair is broken and it doesn't go up all the way, it is really short. Ok enough of that. Here is what I am doing tonight after work, and I really need your advice.

1. Get crickets for Zoe (pronounced Zo-ee, with two syllables). She hasn't eaten all weekend and I am surely in for a show.

2. Pick up a couch from a friends house. He has an extra couch, and I have an empty space in my house that needs a couch in it. It's a match made in heaven. This is where I need the advice. We need to move the couch from his house to my house, it's about 6 blocks. The couch is loveseat-sized and light as a feather, but he and I don't really want to carry the couch on our backs for 6 long blocks. We have as a resource 1 car, silver, a mid sized sedan, with a fresh car wash and no roof rack. I have yet to find some rope but I may be able to buy some. Can I tie it to the roof? Or should I put on my walking shoes? Let me know what you think and I'll let you know how it goes.
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